To order:

I paint portraits on true size as off 30cm x 30cm till 2.50mtr x 2.80mtr ( like a horse at real size ) on linen, masonite or paper. A portrait can stay sketchy or made very detailed, with acrylic or oilpaint.

A portrait is made from a range of pictures. If you have pictures yourself it is important these are sharp and detailed, and can be delivered digitally. Another possibility is to have made pictures by a photographer, I can be of service with this for you.

The price of a portrait depends on the size, the request on detail and the choice of the material to paint on. A horse with interweaved hair and a horsehead set with Swarovski stones for example, is far more work to do than to paint a “bold”horse. Also, a portrait painted wih oilpaint takes more time, as this technique of painting layer over layer, whereby each layer must dry first,  needs this.

Pricing :

If  you decide to order a portrait with me, I am happy to discuss all the details with you and agree on the price. Is is possible that I send you a photograph of the portrait in the stage of rough sketching.

1/3 of the agreed price to meet in advance.
The remaining 2/3 at delivery and full satisfaction.