From an early age,  I loved to make drawings, paintings and horses .  When I was a young girl, I painted my first horseportrait on a self made wooden frame, which I strained with a piece of old sheet. Also, I portrayed at home my goat Jimmy, our sheperd dog Bo, and all our chickens and rabbits. What was started as a hobby is resulted in the profession as portraitpainter; I started to portray animals and people on demand. In the past 30 year I have portraited on request, for many owners their beautiful horses, drafthorses and ponys. On top of that, I made dogowners happy with a painting of their dog, and I portraited children as well.

After my secundairy school I followed the teacher training in Delft(Holland). Already 28 years I teach children now on school with visual design, and am potraitist.

When I portray a horse, I not only want to express it’s beauty, but also the character of that animal. I aim to make with with paint, shapes and colours, a realistic portrait which touches and affects.

I work in Holland as well as in my studio in France.

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